Dual Education Program

Our Dual Education program allows students to start their academic lives by pursuing a degree while preparing for a job opportunity at one of our partner institutions. We improve student accomplishment and prepare them for the global marketplace by fostering academic excellence and providing fair access.

Earn up to Php 90k monthly after completing our Program


1. Php25,000

2. Monthly installments of at least €230 per month for 48 months


This program can be availed by students with at least 12 years of education (Kto12 graduates) up to 29 years of age. Each student must also have a valid passport prepared before the end of the program.

Full onboarding includes accommodation with free amenities (electricity, water, etc.), full use of the kitchen and cafeteria, access to all the learning areas including classrooms with flatscreen TVs and strong wi-fi connectivity in all areas of the bootcamp.

To proceed to Germany, each student must participate in all the activities and pass the language course and official exam. Each student will only be given one chance to pass the course as part of the program fee. Any fees incurred during the retake of the course or exam will be shouldered by the student.

The Starter Course is a free 2-week course that aims to explain every component of the German Language Program. Students are encouraged to have a fundamental understanding of the German language before moving to regular classes. This will help the students in understanding how interesting and fun learning German vocabulary and pronunciation can be. In addition, it will also ensure a much smoother transition to the next level of learning.

Our partner institutions in Germany offer theoretical and practical training. Students will receive compensation while participating in a working environment as part of practical training.

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