Boarding School

The boarding school is located in Tagaytay City which is known for its cold climate, fresh air, and outstanding scenery. The boarding school has a total area of 1800m² consists of 3 major wings and is fully equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms, and numerous bedrooms. The total capacity is approximately 80 students.

The place is serene and surrounded by a spacious garden with numerous pavilions. The dormitories provide a secure and comfortable living environment as well as amenities so that the students can concentrate on their studies. Additionally, wired and wireless communications like LAN and is  Wi-Fi installed throughout the premises

Beagle Boarding School at a Glance



One single bed, desk and wardrobe in each room.


One bunk bed, desk and wardrobe in each room.


Accommodation in group rooms
(2 - 4 students)

Access to fast internet

Access to all common learning areas

Use of classrooms equipped with large flatscreen TVs

All utilities (energy, gas, water, etc.)

Use of fully equipped kitchen and cafeteria

Full monitoring and structure by Beagle and onsite admins


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